Love Unconditional is an all-volunteer, ministry partnership that cares for the poorest and most vulnerable in the Dominican Republic: orphans, widows, and the elderly.

Through our programs, we provide meals, education, and food assistance to those who need it most. Love Unconditional partners with Iglesia La Viña in Montellano, Dominican Republic to deliver support locally to hundreds of people throughout the year.

Learn more about our programs.

Lunch Plate program

Love Unconditional program

Our Lunch Plate program provides a hot, nutritious meal to about 500 hungry children in three locations every weekday year round.

Community Gardens

Love Unconditional program

The Community Gardens grow crops to supplement the Lunch Plate program. This program offers mentoring to teach youths about gardening and farming.

Child Sponsorship

Love Unconditional program

The Sponsor a Child program matches you with a child orphaned by death or abandonment. Your sponsorship helps a  child with school, advocacy, and more.

Widow & elder care

Love Unconditional program

The Widow & Elder Care program provides emergency meals/groceries,  basic utilities, and home visits to widows, the elderly, and families in need.

How your donation helps

Five dollars

Here in the US, $5 buys you one large latté. In the Dominican Republic, $5 buys a hungry child 5 healthy lunches—one each weekday to sustain him or her throughout the day.

Donations are used to invest in education, to combat hunger, and to provide basic necessities. 100% of your donations go directly to help the children and elderly we serve.

A very special visit - a family united through sponsorship!


School vacation week brought us some very special visitors.  The Tucker family, from Massachusetts, traveled to the Dominican Republic for their family vacation.  They took some time away from the beach, and volunteered their time! They participated in children’s programs, performed a drama, taught a craft, helped with a service project, and played soccer with our kids!  Here is a photo of the Tucker siblings and two little boys, Elian and Herbierto, united with their family through sponsorship!  There are always children on our waiting list.   Together we can make a difference by opening our hearts and expanding our families.  To learn more, check out our sponsorship page.

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