The Lunch Plate: Plato del Día

Children living in poverty come to receive a nutritious midday meal.    A typical meal, Plato del Día, includes rice and beans, vegetables, and protein, such as fish or chicken. We also have pure drinking water available to the kids who come from the surrounding communities for lunch.

The Lunch Plate Program currently serves hundreds of children each weekday at several locations. In addition, some elderly and disabled folks are served lunches as well.

Rooted in Love Gardens: From Farm to Table

Rooted in Love Gardens are nurtured and cultivated year-round to bring fresh produce to the table. Crops supplement the Lunch Plate Program with vegetables, including yucca, batata, pumpkin, cabbage, and more.

Be sure to view some beautiful garden photos. A picture is worth a thousand words!

The Whole Child: Helping Kids Thrive!

For children (through 8th grade) who are orphaned or are identified as very vulnerable, the Whole Child Program can be a lifeline. Each child has an individual plan for care and education and may include advocacy, counseling, family support, housing, nutritional supplementation, and medical care.

Learn more about this unique program, as well as our Highschool Leadership Program…

Heart to Heart Outreach: Ministry to Seniors

Without social services, and past the age of employment, the elderly can struggle to maintain health and nutrition. We are reaching out to those who are widows and elderly with food, pastoral home visits, and other basics as needed.  This program also helps those who are disabled and are in need of loving care. Learn more and meet some of our Heart to Heart family!