Open your heart ~ Sponsor a child!

Opening your heart to a sponsor child, can enrich your life and be a rewarding experience. The children here are in great need of love, care, and stability.  Typically they have lost a parent or their family of origin is in crisis.  Your kindness can bring a feeling of belonging to a family, improve self-esteem, and bring hope into situations that may otherwise appear hopeless. This relationship is very special and important to your child. Your letters, photos, and other communications will become treasured keepsakes.  You may even decide to visit one day!

Widna B.

Widna is an eight-year-old girl living with her grandmother since both of her parents died.  They are temporarily staying with another family and sleeping on the floor.

MayLovens E.

MayLovens is six years old.  He and his big sister, My-Love, are cared for by their grandmother after losing their mother tragically in 2023.  They are temporarily living with another family.

Franchesca R.

Franchesca is just 3 years old.  Because she and her older sisters have been separated from their primary caregiver since Fall of 2022.  Until she can start Preschool we plan to provide quality child care.

B. Schnyder

This eleven-year-old boy has been separated from his mother for two years and is living with an uncle who is a young man himself.  Schnyder has asthma, but still loves to play basketball with his friends.

Francia J.

10 year old Francia is living with her widowed caregiver called Ana.  Francia will need to be assessed at school as she has struggled with learning.  She would like to be in the medical field when she grows up.

Jaycott J.

Jaycott is an eight-year-old boy living with his Aunt.  His mother and grandmother have passed away.  His favorite sport to play is basketball.  He struggles with learning, but still dreams of being a teacher someday!

Sponsor a Child is a monthly giving campaign of $65 per month.

Children waiting for sponsorship are in need of extra care. Typically they have lost parents to death or abandonment or their family of origin is in crisis. These children are enrolled in Love Unconditional’s year-round partnership programs giving them access to life-giving services.  To get started, email, or donate online and include a waiting child’s name in the memo section.