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An article from short-term missionary, Devon

My name is Devon Rancourt and I attend Community Covenant Church in Hopkinton, MA. Last month, I spent a week working with Lucille in the Dominican Republic. In addition to the regular meal program activities and bible verse teachings, our main task was to meet individually with each child in the program to read the Christmas cards from their sponsors, talk about what is going on in their lives, pray with them, and help them complete their letters. This incredibly important process, which takes place every year, builds up the relationship between the children and their sponsors. We spent each afternoon in the community center, and I was responsible for distributing cards, giving out coloring sheets, and working with the children and youth as they began their letters. I had many great moments getting to know the kids, and they were eager to tell me about themselves and their aspirations for the future. It was encouraging to hear about the older students’ success in technical schools or plans to attend college. The laughter, smiles, and conversations about their everyday lives gave me so much joy, and I admired the time, dedication, and personal details that the kids put into their letters. The Sunday morning bible class was also a special time with the youth. I shared a message about depending on God when we are afraid or anxious, and we discussed our fears and how overcoming them allows us to accomplish God’s work. This topic resonates with everyone in some way, and I also learned from the youth’s insightful contributions. I am grateful for all of the prayers for my trip and the privilege to take part in this wonderful ministry!