Lunch plate program

Kitchens at La Viña Community Center

In the kitchens at La Viña Community Center, hundreds of lunches are prepared and cooked each week day.  Lunches provide critical nourishment to young and old living in impoverished areas. Meals are served at three sites, and almost 500 vulnerable children as well as disabled adults and seniors are fed.

Lunch Plate Sites ~ Montellano, El Saman & Pancho Mateo

In Montellano, the hub of our Lunch Plate program, meals are provided at lunch time.  For our most vulnerable children, breakfast is served there as well.  Hot meals are delivered by truck to two additional sites at mid-day:  El Saman and Pancho Mateo.


At the chopping block at La Viña Community Center

loaded truck

Loading the truck in Montellano

j in kitchen

Over steaming hot pots at La Viña Kitchens


Lunchtime in Montellano

Cooking  Pot  Montellano

Charcoal slow cooker


Lunch is served in Pancho Mateo


Pasta time!

Serving meals at El Saman


Sifting rice

First banana's at Pancho Mateo

First bananas at Pancho Mateo

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