Rooted in Love Gardens

Gardens at Las Ciruelas

The gardens at Las Ciruelas are not only a place of fertile grounds for edible plantings to feed the hungry, but it is also a site for mentoring young people, teaching gardening, and providing a way to give back to the community.  We are seeing growth in so many ways!

In the Maimon Farmlands

The Maimon Farmlands are located about 45 minutes from our central La Viña site in Montellano. Here, land meets sky and sea.  We are convinced that this must be the most beautiful place on earth!  Bountiful crops are shared with local farmers, and abundance is donated to our kitchens in Montellano.

Planting in rows at Las Ciruelas


Rainbow above the Maimon Farmlands

Bird’s eye view at Las Ciruelas

Fields at Maimon

Porch at Las Ciruelas

Pick up truck filled with fresh picked produce

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